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  1. Abandoned Places in Kansas - Travel Photography

    Date 17 Apr 2017
    In Kansas there is a tiny town called St Marys, and just outside that town there is an abandoned house… well honestly theres a lot more than just one but this happened to be the one we walked to that day with my camera. There is something so intriguing to…

  2. Life on the Move Update - Travel Photography

    Date 28 Mar 2017
    The husband and I have been slowly crisscrossing over the south and occasionally I still dust off my camera for some personal photos. Here are a few from over the winter… a very brown and dead and snowless winter. However I am thankful for the lack of snow since we…

  3. Sweet Baby Graham - Lifestyle Photography

    Date 16 Dec 2016
    Earlier this week my sweet nephew turned one! His birthday party was a fiesta complete with pinatas and sombreros and all kinds of good things, but a couple weeks before his mom and I had this sweet photoshoot to commemorate his big birthday. If his sweet blue eyes don’t get…

  4. Rachel - Senior Photography

    Date 06 Dec 2016
    The storm clouds broke while in Houston just long enough for a little bit of sunshine for Rachel’s college graduation photos. 

  5. Bre and David - Family Photography

    Date 05 Dec 2016
    Tiny humans are the cutest, especially with their mommas! 

  6. Dallas with the Daviles - Family Photography

    Date 30 Nov 2016
    It is always so much fun to be back in Dallas photographing some of the sweetest families! Photography is amazing that way you get to watch friends and families grow up over the years and make sure they have some beautiful photos to hang up in their hallways and send…

  7. Priest Lake 2016 - Lifestyle Photography

    Date 02 Nov 2016
    Behold, documentation of the 18 mile hike that nearly killed us all. Unfortunately we loved it. When I say that we loved it I mean the beginning when we thought it was a 9 mile hike round trip. When we realized it was 9 miles in…. it was too late to…

  8. Palo Duro Canyon - Adventure Photography

    Date 02 Nov 2016
    I can’t believe it has taken me so long to blog about this epic trip! This is when the stars aligned. I got to meet up with some of my favorite photographer friends in a place that I have wanted to visit for a while. We met up at the…

  9. Moving back to the South - Lifestyle Photography

    Date 02 Nov 2016
    The hubs got the job and we are off! Yes back to the south. I will miss my beloved idahome  but for now the south is home again. It was a long drive down - particularly when you stop as frequently for photos as I do - but we made…

  10. Honeymoon Part 3 - Lifestyle Photography

    Date 09 Sep 2016
    A final post from our honeymoon. We ended on whidbye island and it had no shortages of beautiful views. We passed over deception pass…. and had to pull over to look underneath of it so my husband could determine if he would be able to climb it even though it…

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